Game Night

Calling all gaming geeks for a night of games


In case you haven’t heard, there is going to be a Game Night social event on Monday, August 13th during That Conference this year. What could be better after a long day of having some serious tech knowledge dropped on you than killing zombies, humiliating your friends over a friendly game of Munchkin, or showing off your ability to recall trivial facts at a moment’s notice? It will be happening after the Happy Hour, so go grab a few drinks and some grub and then be sure to head on over to the designated gaming areas and GET YOUR GAME ON! The fun and “friendly competition” begins at 8PM sharp and continues until midnight. The event is free and the schedule is pretty flexible, so feel free to stop by at any point during the event and stay as only long as you want.

When: Monday, August 13th at 8pm
Where: A and H (Open Spaces Rooms)
You bring: Games (board, dice, electronic), your laptop (Mac or PC), mobile, etc.

If you are trying to get an idea for what people are planning to bring, or to gauge interest in a game you are considering bringing to Game Night, hit up our Google group and see what people are already saying about it. To make sure we have an appropriate amount of space, we’re also setting up an Eventbrite page to track how many people are planning to attend the Game Night event. Please be sure to sign up to let us know as soon as you can if you’ll be attending Game Night. Again, it’s completely free!

The original concept was focused primarily on board games, but don’t let that stop you from bringing your laptop, iPad, or mobile device of choice and start up some games that way too!

Board Geeks


So now to the important question – what games will we have there? Well, I suppose that depends on what games you want to bring. The idea is to bring your favorite (board, card, electronic) game - or in the case of Angela Dugan and Jeff Blankenburg, a trunk load of games - meet some cool, new people who also love gaming, and maybe even get introduced to some new games yourself.

Console Geeks


Test your gaming skills at the ZyQuest booth! Combat your friends in multiplayer battles with BurgerTime: World Tour for the XBox 360. Check out our web games: Pen the Penguin, Crates & Barrels and Kick Return. Be propelled by Ninja Runner: Feet of Fury on the iPad.

The top scorers for each game, by 11:30pm will be awarded a free HuTerra t-shirt!! Join the fun from 8pm-12am, Monday night.

ZyQuest is a progressive IT services company. We provide custom software development, IT infrastructure solutions and IT staffing for all industries. We've recently acquired a game division and have been diligently creating new mobile apps and games.