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Overall Event Details

That Conference just wouldn’t be possible without the help and partnership of our volunteers, speakers and of course each of our sponsors. Every year we look for engaging partners who want to help us create a unique experience for all of our campers and counselors while having a bit of fun at one of the best water parks in the United States. Unlike other conferences we don’t just pack in the sessions. We plan for ample networking and social time, and this year we will use the technology that we know and love to better connect our sponsors to every attendee. This year NFC powered badges will easily allow attendees to give each sponsor their contact information while simultaneously entering them into unique contests.

But we don’t want the creativity to just stop with this prospectus. If you have an idea, please contact us and let us hear all about it. We’re look forward to parting with you and another great year at That Conference.


August 12th - 14th 2013


  • Kalahari Resort
  • 1305 Kalahari Drive
  • Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965


~1000 software developers, designers, and IT professionals from the upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa).


Podcasts, local user groups, blogs, newsletters, and a number of local community events like CodeMash and Chicago Code Camp. Marketing campaigns through things like Twitter, Facebook, Google and StackOverflow.

Attendee Cost

$349 Ticket Includes: conference registration, conference meals, t-shirt, event activities, and a hipster satchel full of unexpected surprises.

Event Activities


100+ sessions across 3 days. Leading industry speakers will host 60 minutes to convince, teach, and engage their audience on topics vital to the today’s software industry. Topics will be categorized into the following tracks: mobile, web, cloud, client, design.

Vendor Sessions

Platinum sponsors will have an opportunity to host a dedicated 30 minute session dedicated to the topic of their choice during the latter part of lunch one day in one of the nearby conference rooms.

Open Spaces

Want to make the conference yours? You can. Part of That Conference will include a 4000 sqft moderated open spaces. This is the ideal place to make That Conference truly unique and interactive. You can see some of the 2012 open spaces sessions here.

Kidz THAT Code

Families are welcome at That Conference, in fact we encourage it. During the conference, That Conference will have a number of sessions targeted for kids. Child Guardian Required.

Sponsored Events

On Sunday and Monday night, That Conference and co-sponsor(s) will host a networking event where attendees and their families will have the opportunity to meet and greet community peers and conference speakers.

On Tuesday night, That Conference and co-sponsor(s) we will host a Pig Roast followed by an indoor water park party where attendees, attendee families, speakers, sponsors and families can interact and enjoy each other’s company.

As a truly cross-technology event, these are just a few of the unique opportunity to reach developers across numerous programming languages, platforms, and devices.

Code Retreat

CodeRetreat is an intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of 'getting things done', the CodeRetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. Practicing the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, developers can improve their ability to write code that minimizes the cost of change over time. What is the structure of a Code Retreat? More information here.

Midwest GiveCamp

Leading into That Conference, the organizers from Midwest GiveCamp and That Conference have teamed up to host the second annual Midwest GiveCamp. This will take place the weekend leading into That Conference and is a great opportunity for the technical community to give back a little technical know-how to our local charities.

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Linked logo on conference website
Table in "Sponsor Pavilion" (optional)
Logo included in show guide
Logo on Sponsor Signage
Post on job board
Logo placed on digital signage
Slide before all videos (if applicable)
Logo included in newsletter
Logo on conference slides
* Sponsored Speaking Slot
30 minute sponsor session
** Logo on conference signage
Company banner in conference area
*** Post-Conference Newsletter Submission
Attendee Ticket 3 2 1
Food Ticket 3 2 1 1

* The sponsors of the sponsored speaking slots will work directly with the conference organizers to make sure the session, content and speaker fit into the overall schedule and balance of content. Limited to 14 total on a first come first serve basis.

** Platinum sponsors will have their logo placed on all That Conference signage except for the main 4’ x 8’ and larger That Conference Banners.

*** Newsletter submissions will be sent from That Conference and the sponsor will work directly with the organizers for the content to be included in the newsletter.



A Platinum Sponsor contributes $9,000 cash to That Conference.


  • Linked logo on That Conference Website.
  • Largest logo size.
  • Table in "Sponsor Pavilion" (optional).
  • Logo included in show guide.
  • Logo on sponsor signage.
  • Post on job board.
  • Logo displayed between sessions on digital signage (if available).
  • Slide before all videos (if applicable).
  • Logo included on the sidebar of the newsletter.
  • Logo on conference slides.
  • 30 minute sponsor session.
  • Logo on conference signage excluding main That Conference banners.
  • Company banner displayed in conference area.
  • Sponsored speaking slot.
  • 3 attendee tickets.
  • 3 food tickets.
  • 1 Post-Conference newsletter inclusion.
  • Preferential logo placement among all Platinum sponsors based on total contribution amount and date that contribution was received.


  • Only 6 available
  • Sponsored speaking slots are limited to 14 total on a first come first serve basis.
  • Only one company banner will be displayed.
  • Platinum sponsors will have their logo placed on all That Conference signage except for the main 4’ x 8’ and larger That Conference Banners.



A Gold Sponsor contributes $6,000 cash to That Conference.


  • Linked logo on the That Conference WebSite.
  • Larger logo size than Silver.
  • Table in “Sponsor Pavilion” (optional).
  • Logo included in show guide.
  • Logo on sponsor signage.
  • Post on job board.
  • Logo displayed between sessions on digital signage (if available).
  • Slide before all videos (if applicable).
  • Logo included in newsletter.
  • Logo on conference slides.
  • Sponsored speaking slot.
  • 2 attendee tickets.
  • 2 food tickets.
  • Preferential logo placement among all Gold sponsors based on total contribution amount and date that contribution was received


  • Only 8 available
  • Sponsored speaking slots are limited to 14 total on a first come first serve basis.



A Silver Sponsor contributes $3,000 Cash to the That Conference.


  • Linked Logo on the That Conference WebSite.
  • Larger logo size than Bronze.
  • Table in sponsor pavilion if desired.
  • Logo included in show guide.
  • Logo included on sponsor signage.
  • Post job openings on the That Conference job board.
  • Logo displayed between sessions on available digital signage.
  • 1 attendee ticket.
  • 1 food ticket.
  • Preferential logo placement among all Silver sponsors based on total contribution amount and date that contribution was received.


  • Only 10 available



A Bronze Sponsor contributes $1,500 Cash to the thatConference conference.


  • Linked Logo on the That Conference WebSite.
  • Table in Sponsor Pavilion if desired.
  • Logo included in show guide.
  • Logo included on sponsor signage.
  • 1 food ticket.
  • Preferential logo placement among all Bronze sponsors based on total contribution amount and date that contribution was received.


  • Only 12 available.

Individual Consultant


An Individual Consultant Sponsor contributes $150 Cash to the That Conference conference.


  • Name and logo (linked to your homepage) displayed on our website's list of sponsors.
  • Listing in the Service Provider list distributed to each That Conference attendee as part of the That Conference program. Listings will include the following for each consultant:
    • Name, website, and phone number
    • One line description of service offerings


  • Available only to individual, independent consultants in the region (i.e., cannot be a company of more than 1 employee).

Additional Opportunities

That Conference is also offering the following additional sponsorship opportunities.

Attendee Notebook

Each That Conference attendee will receive a Moleskine pocket notebook with the That Conference logo laser etched on the front cover. Notebook sponsors will have their logo prominently displayed on the front cover. This sponsorship offers an exciting opportunity to have your logo on a long-lasting notebook which will be used by each attendee for years.

Cost: ~ $6,000 for exclusive logo placement

Cocktail Party

Cocktail party sponsors make our attendee party possible by underwriting the food and beverage costs. We accept multiple sponsors for this event; however, the first sponsor to sign up may elect to cover all costs, creating an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for this highly visible event.

Cost: Varies. Contact us for details.

WaterPark Party Cabana

This sponsorship entitles your company to exclusive use of one of the poolside cabanas during the Tuesdays night waterpark party held from 10pm to 1am. The space is yours to do with what you'd like — do something fun, creative, and in the spirit of That Conference.

Cost: $tbd (Limited availability - and these go FAST)

Attendee USB Sticks

Rather than cut down trees, let’s try and go digital. Let’s get rid of the attendee bag and paper and give each attendee a branded memory stick with all of the great information on it. This is a great way to put your brand front in each attendee’s hands.

Cost: Varies. Contact us for details.

USB Inserts

Placement of one limited vendor material on each USB Stick. Note: This is above and beyond the allocation already provided to all sponsorship levels.

Cost: $150

Acknowledgement In Program

Acknowledgement space is being offered in the official conference program. Note that companies may purchase space in the program without otherwise being a sponsor of That Conference.

  • $200 per 1/4 page (black/white)
  • $1000 inside cover (full page, full color, 2 total)
  • $1500 back cover (full page, full color, 1 total)

Other Items

A number of other items are available. If you're interested, please contact us to negotiate pricing.

  • Lanyards with your logo
  • Merit badges
  • Conference bags with your logo

Sponsoring Events

A Unique Opportunity for Unique Events

That Conference is all about uniqueness. We're gathering Ruby, PHP, Java, and .NET folks together, we're having a conference at a water park. You get the idea

Do you have an idea for a unique event that you'd like to have your company organize and run at That Conference? Pitch the idea to us and we'll work with you to help you put on something educational, helpful, or just plain fun.

Examples of events might include code mashups bringing Java, .NET, and Ruby folks together. Maybe your company wants to host a coding challenge. The possibilities are endless.

We do need to frame some rules around these events, so keep the following in mind:

  • Only four sponsor events will be approved. First come, first served.
  • That Conference gets final approval on events which are run at the conference.
  • Sponsors pay all costs associated with running the event. Such costs do not contribute in any way to the sponsor's level.
  • Events will be listed on a special page on the website and will clearly note they're sponsor/vendor events and not directly part of That Conference. Positioning on the site will be first come, first placed. Descriptions of events must be concise.
  • Events may be listed in the conference program depending on logistics surrounding the program. Such listings will be on a separate page clearly noting these as sponsor/vendor events which are not directly part of That Conference.
  • Events will be announced at the conference kickoff. Ongoing events may have short summary updates during announcements at meal times if time allows.

Sponsorship Agreement

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability: Neither That Conference NFP, The Organizers, any co-sponsor, venue provider nor any of their respective officers, agents, employees, facilities or representatives shall be responsible for, and Sponsorship applicant (referred to as Company) hereby releases them from, any claims for damages, loss, harm, injury to the person, property or business of the Company and/or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the facility, accident or any other reason in connection with the Conference. The Company shall indemnify, defend, and protect the Organizers, any co-sponsor, and venue provider harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, losses, costs, attorney's fees, and expenses which might result or arise from Company's participation in the conference or any of its activities, as well as the actions of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives. Under no circumstances will the organizers, any co-sponsor, or the venue provider be liable for lost profits, or other incidental or consequential damages for any of their acts or omissions whatsoever whether or not appraised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages or lost profits. In no event shall the Organizers' liability, under any circumstance, exceed the amount actually paid to it by the Company. The Organizers make no representations or warranties regarding the number of persons who will attend the conference. Observant of Laws: Company shall abide by and observe all laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances in compliance with the City of Wisconsin Dells, Counties of Columbia, Sauk, Adams, Juneau and the State of Wisconsin.

Cancellation or Termination by the Organizers: If for any reason beyond its reasonable control including fire, strike, earthquake damage, construction or renovation to conference site, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God, or any similar reason, the Organizers shall determine that the conference or any part may not be held, the Organizers may cancel the conference or any part thereof. In that event, the Organizers shall determine and refund to the Company its proportionate share of the balance of the fees received which remains after deducting all expenses incurred by the organizers. Cancellation by the Company: All payments made to the organizers under this application shall be considered fully earned and non-refundable in consideration for expenses incurred by the Organizers and the Organizers' lost or deferred opportunity to provide space and/or sponsorship opportunity to others.

Company Conduct: That Conference NFP and all its representatives shall conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the highest of standards of decorum and good taste. The Organizers shall reserve the right to eject from the conference any Company or Company representative violating those standards.

Agreement to Terms, Conditions, and Rules: Company agrees to observe and abide by the foregoing terms and conditions and by such additional terms, conditions, and rules made by the Organizers from time to time for the efficient and safe operation of the conference. This application represents the final, complete and exclusive agreement between the company and the organizers concerning the That Conference. The organizers do not make warranties, or other agreements except as set-forth above.

Subject to Change: While most of the details contained in this prospectus are set, several details such as ticket cost, event activities are still in flux and may be changed to such as the conference accommodate more attendees if necessary.

Sponsorship FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We're working against budget schedules. Can I commit to sponsorship now but pay closer to the event?

A: Yes; however, your benefits will not be activated until we receive payment. Moreover, special packages (cocktail party, cabanas, etc.) will not be held for you. All benefits are first-come, first-served based on the date we receive your payment. That Conference is a non-profit event completely run by volunteers. We simply don't have the bandwidth to deal with Accounts Receivable.

Q: As a sponsor, can we provide attendees with “swag”?

A: We want to ensure that our "Sponsor Pavilion" is an exciting place for the attendees to visit. Besides having the opportunity to speak with our sponsors, attendees should have a reasonable expectation of walking away with some "swag". As is typical with other trade shows, this includes software, books, apparel with your logo, and/or trinkets with your logo. We ask that if you do not provide enough items for every attendee, that you try to be creative in how the items are distributed (i.e., hold your own raffle, have a secret spotter give away items in the crowd, etc).

Q: Will my logo on the That Conference website be hyperlinked to my website?

A: Yes. If you would like to have a custom landing page to identify That Conference visitors, please provide that URL to us.

Q: What is "Preferential Logo Placement"?

A: Whenever all sponsor logos are displayed together, they will be arranged from left to right and top to bottom within the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum groups in order by the total contribution size (largest first) and the date that payment was received (earliest first).

Q: I've got a great idea for a sponsorship opportunity that you haven't listed. What can I do?

A: Contact us and run it by! We're happy to work with any idea as long as it's of benefit to the attendees! (And doesn't get us in trouble with the law, of course...)

Q: Who exactly is organizing That Conference?

A: That Conference is organized by a group of developer community leaders who have collectively formed a non-profit organization in the state of Illinois. This group is officially named "That Conference NFP".

That Conference board of directors and its organizers are completely volunteer, and all monies collected from sponsors go towards the conference and its related expenses.

Q: Is That Conference affiliated with THATCamp?

A: No. THATCamp is a un-conference community effort lead by George Mason University.

Q: What is the That Conference mailing address?

A: Unless otherwise directed, please send all sponsorship-related mail and packages to:

  • That Conference
  • c/o Sponsorship
  • 9109 Carol Lane
  • Spring Grove, IL 60081


Q: Are my sponsorship contributions tax-deductible?

A: Yes. You can download it here or email if you have questions.